Thursday, July 26, 2007

Egyptian Praying Mantis

Miomantis abyssinica, paykullii and pharaonica

The Egyptian Praying Mantis is a small, slender species of praying mantis from Egypt. They range in colour from straw to green

This is a small, slender Mantis, measuring 35 - 40mm in length. The females are slightly bigger and heavier in build, where as the males can be 5mm longer in length, but are both still very dainty. Mimicking grass stems in the wild, they range from straw like colours going through to light greens.

Depending on the species they range from Africa, Egypt and Tanzania. Needing slightly hot and dry conditions, this is a hardy specimen. Having a temperature in the region of 22 - 35 (71.6 - 95F), this is slightly warmer then room temperature. Keep the humidity level in the region of 60 - 70%, this should suit the Mantis